Entrepreneur Definition at its very Core

Turn my lessons into your gains. 

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Author: Garry Wheeler


Why You Need This Book

Don't miss out on a 10,000 times or more return on your investment.  You need to read this business book and apply some of the 50 ass-kickin' lessons that Garry learned to your business venture today!  You will win BIG and be entertained along the way.  It is a story of passion and the hard work of bringing a first of its kind cloud video platform to market all mixed together with the craziness of the entertainment industry. The entrepreneur definition at its very core. Learn how to become an entrepreneur.

The Author

Garry Wheeler is an award winning, educated and accomplished executive with 40 years of experience as an Entrepreneur, CEO, COO, GM, Program Manager and Management Consultant. His roles have been in high tech, consumer products, manufacturing, real estate, professional services and media/entertainment. His broad experience ranges from startups to companies as large as $14 billion in sales. Since 1985, he has founded and operated 5 different businesses in diverse industries and invented several breakthrough products.   

Reflecting back on his role as Founder/CEO of an industry leading Web 2.0 interactive video startup, he wants to help you avoid the same pitfalls and to maximize your ROI from the 50 ass-kickin' lessons he learned in your current or upcoming venture.

What the book is about

The Premise

Learn how Garry founded Yellow Brick Road Entertainment then invented, funded, built and launched the first of its kind interactive video platform for the music industry, BandDigs.com.

The Journey

Accompany Garry while he navigates the entertainment industry and works with CEOs, record label executives, producers, managers, funding sources and household name performers.  He will share the good, bad and the ugly along the way. 

The Impact

50 ass kickin' lessons learned that you can leverage immediately in your own venture.  Ideas that will save you 10,000 times what it cost you to buy this book.   Don’t reinvent the pain; turn his lessons into your gains!   

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Author: Garry Wheeler